Shooting at club leaves guard dead, 2 wounded

City police and the state's attorney's office are investigating a multiple shooting Sunday night at a West Baltimore club that left a security guard dead and two other men -- his suspected assailants -- wounded by another guard, authorities said.


The gunfire appeared to have been sparked by an incident early Sunday afternoon when security officers at Club International in the 2300 block of W. Baltimore St. ejected two men in their early 30s for acting disorderly, being intoxicated and urinating on the floor, police said.

When the pair left, one of them told a security officer they would be back later, police said.


About 9 p.m., the men, at least one armed with a handgun, entered the vestibule of the crowded building and began shooting, fatally wounding security officer Harold Robinson, 39, of South Baltimore in the upper body as he stood near the entrance, and sending scores of club patrons fleeing.

Police said the two fled, pursued by a second security officer who fired several shots at them, hitting one in the chest and the other in the neck. Both were arrested nearby, one while hiding in a nearby woods. They were admitted to Maryland Shock Trauma Center and were expected to survive, police said.

Names of the suspects and the security officer who shot them were not divulged, and it had not been determined whether the slain security officer was the same one who ordered the men out of the club, police said.

Police said neither security officer was an off-duty police officer.

Richard Irwin

Perjury adds 5 years to term

A 49-year-old convicted bank robber from Baltimore will spend five more years in prison for lying in court to protect his getaway driver, a U.S. District Court judge ruled yesterday.

Tyrone Mann Jefferson was sentenced to a little more than five years in prison followed by three years of supervised release for making false statements to a federal court and obstruction of justice. He was found guilty by a jury Nov. 14 of providing false testimony at the criminal trial of a co-conspirator.


According to trial testimony, Jefferson robbed a bank in Annapolis on March 1, 2005, and fled in a car driven by Da Ren Gadsen. Police apprehended Gadsden and Jefferson shortly after the robbery, and Jefferson later pleaded guilty to bank robbery.

Gadsen had a jury trial in September 2005 during which Jefferson falsely testified that Gadsen knew nothing about the bank robbery. The testimony didn't help Gadsen, 30, of Upper Marlboro, who was convicted of bank robbery and sentenced to two years in prison. Now Jefferson will have to serve his new prison sentence in addition to the 6 1/2 years of prison time he received on the bank robbery conviction.

Matthew Dolan