Yes, it's true: Nick Markakis and Adam Loewen were roundly booed at Saturday night's Capitals game when they were shown on the video screen and identified as Orioles. A member of D.C. United, meanwhile, received a huge ovation.

Maybe a few of the Nationals will attend a Blast game and fans can boo them.


Better yet, don't tip the starting pitchers when they serve your popcorn and sodas.

Another example of why people here will forever love Cal Ripken: He could have leaned forward in his seat behind a long table to have his photo taken with fans during his autograph sessions at the Baltimore Convention Center this weekend, but instead suggested that another line be created in an aisle where he could stand beside everyone, either shaking hands or putting an arm around them, and create a higher-quality keepsake.


While checking out some of the memorabilia stands yesterday at the Baseball's Best show, I noticed that a case of Wheaties cereal boxes with Ripken on front was marked down from $160 to $100.

How much for the milk?

The Dallas Cowboys interviewed Norv Turner for their head coaching position, which leads me to ask the obvious question: Why? Give somebody else a chance.

Bengals receiver Chris Henry was released from a Covington, Ky., jail after completing his two-day sentence for letting minors drink alcohol in his hotel room. That means Henry has settled the last of his four court cases -- leaving him more time to get arrested again.

Henry is on probation and must perform community service. Someone needs to tell him that doesn't include standing outside a liquor store and buying beer for teen-agers.

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