Q&A; -- Garrett Jones, South Carroll, basketball

South Carroll coach Doug Goff decided to give sophomore Garrett Jones a spot on the varsity, and he hasn't regretted it. The 6-foot-2 forward has become a starter with an exemplary work ethic. Jones arrives early in the morning to practice his shooting, and in the evening he spends extra time trying to improve his defense and ball-handling. Jones has become so adept at handling the ball that Goff trusts him with it in key situations. Making Jones' dedication and work habits even more impressive is the fact the Cavaliers have lost several close games and fallen to a 1-11 record. Jones is averaging 8.5 points a game.

How do you keep your head up in a 1-11 season?


Work harder in practice and concentrate on improving.

What motivates you to show up early in the morning for practice at school?


I guess just knowing that this is a new program [Goff is in his first year at South Carroll] and we're going to improve. We're going to get better.

What's the team's primary weakness?

A lack of height. Our tallest guy is maybe 6'3". We're struggling in the height category.

Is there any hope to turn the season around?

Yeah, I believe there is some. We have a few games left that we have a good chance of winning. If we get those games and work hard on defense, we could turn the second half of the season around.

What's your favorite shot?

Somewhere around the elbow [15-footer]. I'll shoot the 3 sometimes if it's open.

Is the best way to describe you as a player to say you're steady but not spectacular?


Rather than spectacular, I like to be consistent. I think that's important in basketball.

Is it tough being around other students at school when the team is 1-11?

Yeah, you hear it sometimes, and all you can keep saying is, "We're going to win."

Do you ever feel like there is no light at the end of the basketball tunnel?

No, not really. We've been hurt by a good many close losses. Two by 5 points, and five by 10 points. We've been hurt by real weak first quarters. Once we get down, it's hard to come back.

What was it like winning that one game [over Hereford]?


We were all excited. We finally got one after starting the season with seven losses.