parent's guide

Pan's Labyrinth

Rating -- R


What it's about -- A young girl enters the world of fairies during the Spanish Civil War.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- A child is the heroine, and magical creatures are her sidekicks.


Good lessons/bad lessons -- Follow instructions to the letter, and protect the innocent.

Violence -- Quite a bit; some of it of a bloody, stabbing and torturing variety.

Language -- Profanity of the nastiest kind, in Spanish.

Sex -- None.

Drugs -- Potions and poisons and booze and morphine.

Parents advisory -- Inappropriate for 12-years-old-and-under, it's pretty edgy (and subtitled) and should appeal to teens and adults.


Rating -- R


What it's about -- A massive crocodile is eating its way through Africa, and a TV news crew wants to capture it as a ratings stunt.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- A killer croc eating a TV crew.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- Don't drink the water. Don't go in it.

Violence -- Croc-chomping on people, gunplay, machete killings.

Language -- The language, at least, is more PG-13. Some profanity.

Sex -- Nope.


Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- Shockingly violent and tasteless for a Disney movie.