When in a state of confusion. . .

Martin O?Malley demonstrated as a great mayor of Baltimore that he will be a great governor of California ? ahh! ? I do feel as if I am at home! A great governor of Maryland, let?s hear it for that.?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a California Democrat


Cut her some slack already. During the governor?s swearing-in ceremony in Annapolis yesterday, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi referred to Martin O?Malley as the new governor of California. It?s a common mistake, confusing Maryland and California. Just look at the glaring similarities:

Maryland: Look way right.* 42nd largest state in the union. Shaped like chewed table scraps from other states.


California: Look way left. Most populous and third-largest state. Shaped exactly like the state of California.

Maryland: Oceanfront (Atlantic)

California: Oceanfront (Pacific)

Maryland: Gave us Spiro T. Agnew

California: Gave us Richard M. Nixon

Maryland: Hunt Valley

California: Silicon Valley

Maryland: Scenic bridge over bay (Chesapeake Bay Bridge)


California: Scenic bridge over bay (Golden Gate)

Maryland: Strangely dressed people at HonFest

California: Barely dressed people in Venice

Maryland: Cicadas

California: Earthquakes

Maryland: Fans paint faces for 13-3 team (Ravens)


California: Fans paint faces for 2-14 team (Raiders)

*(Some would argue both states are way left.)