Roch Around the Clock

The Colts average 26.6 points per game. The Ravens' defense allows 12.6 per game.

Something's gotta give.


You want to contain Peyton Manning? Don't give him the foot ball.

The Ravens must put together long, sustained drives. Need 4 yards? Get 5. Need 10 yards? Get 11. And force Manning to stand on the sideline, helmet in hand, glancing nervously at the clock.


Manning will perform his usual theatrics at the line of scrimmage, as if he's changing every play. The Ravens estimate that at least half the time, it's purely for show, and they won't be fooled.

Man, I can't wait for this one. Whatever the result, it's the matchup I wanted. Bring it on.

Best line I've heard in a long time, from Ravens special teams ace Gary Stills on MASN Playmak ers: "I want to marry football. I've been engaged to it for too long. I want a ring."

A fan e-mailed the Playmakers show last night and pointed out that Maryland's men's basketball team beat Indiana to win its na tional championship. The football team beat Purdue in the Champs Sports Bowl. And he predicted a Ravens victory over the Colts be cause "we own that state."

Then he added: "Hoosier-Dad dy?"


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