It's still all Barbaro all the time; how about reining it in a little bit?

Barbaro, Barbaro, Barbaro! Are we really still talking about him eight months after the Preakness? Did they really rename "The Sir Barton Stakes" as "The Barbaro Stakes?"


What next? The Barbaro of Seville? Major Barbaro? Barbaro Shop Quartets? Barbaro Streisand?

The Ravens' B.J. Sams broke his leg, too. How's he doing? Don't we owe him some love? Maybe we should rename "The Ravens Roosts" as "Sams' Sanctuaries."


Enough already!

Jeff Koenig


Williams deserves some blame for Maryland's loss to Miami

Maryland men's basketball coach Gary Williams should stop blaming his team's effort. Comments like "we just have to decide how hard we want to play in games like this" are getting old.

The Terps' loss to Miami on Wednesday night had little to do with effort and everything to do with being prepared to play.

The Terps have superior talent in James Gist, Ekene Ibekwe, Mike Jones and Eric Hayes but clearly have not learned how to win in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

I wonder where that blame should be pinned?


Chip Rosenberg