Mayors put steak, crab cakes on table

There is more riding on Saturday's playoff game between the Ravens and Indianapolis Colts than bragging rights or a chance to advance to the AFC championship game.

For two mayors, there is also dinner -- and a potentially pricey dinner, at that.


Baltimore Mayor and Gov.-elect Martin O'Malley and Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson, continuing the tradition among city leaders of backing up their teams with something more than words, set a "friendly wager" yesterday on the game. Peterson is throwing some midwestern steak into the pot; O'Malley, a Maryland crab cake dinner.

"The governor-elect," O'Malley spokeswoman Raquel Guillory said, "is sharpening his steak knives."


If the Ravens win, Peterson has vowed to ship a steak dinner and shrimp cocktail from St. Elmo Steak House, one of Indianapolis' top restaurants -- where a 24-ounce strip goes for $42.95. For O'Malley's part, it's not clear which restaurant will deliver the crab cakes, but they will most certainly be from the bay.

Both mayors are Democrats.

In the past, Peterson has traveled to away games, but an aide said he would not make the trip Saturday.

"After dominating the Chiefs, the Colts are on a roll and our city is behind them all the way," Peterson said in a statement. "Baltimore is a fine city and the Ravens have a great team with a solid defense. But with all due respect to Mayor O'Malley and Ravens fans, I can't wait to taste some of those famous Maryland crab cakes."