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Colts DB Andy Nelson

Andy Nelson, a Colts defensive back from 1957-63, might not be well-known nationally, but locally his name and barbecue are legendary.

A starter on the 1958 and 1959 NFL championship teams, and an All-Pro in 1960, the 73-year-old Nelson stays busy these days as owner of Andy Nelson?s Barbecue in Hunt Valley.

Nelson, who lives in Glen Arm, sees the Ravens winning Saturday by 10 points.

"I'm going with the local team. I like Peyton Manning -- he reminds me of Johnny Unitas in the way he sets up in the pocket," Nelson said. "But the Indianapolis Colts aren't the Baltimore Colts, so I can't root for them. I'm pulling for the Ravens.


"They have a terrific defense, the best assembly I've seen in quite awhile. These guys are bigger and faster than in our day."


BALTIMORE BUZZ Comments posted from fans to our blog site at

Undoubtedly, winning the Super Bowl should be the Ravens' ultimate prize. However, I hope the players seriously realize the historical significance of this Saturday's game. (That especially means you, Terrell Suggs.) Punish the Colts. Win this one for Unitas.

I have butterflies already, I'm so excited. I'm glad we got the Colts. We shouldn't fear any of these teams; they should fear us!

I read all these comments about the 12th man, but I don't think it will bother Peyton at all (the noise), as he communicates by hand signals!


It's time to once and for all forget the Colts and embrace these Ravens. We will exorcise the Colts and all the pain from the past this weekend!

This time, let's make sure that when the Colts are leaving Baltimore for Indy it's on our terms!

Baltimore fans just want respect -- from the Pro Football Hall of Fame where all the old Baltimore Colts memories are still falsely displayed under Indy's name, and when our trophies and memorabilia are returned to the city.

I was in Baltimore and was a Colts fan, but people need to stop hanging on the past. They can never be true Ravens fans as long as they hang on to the Colts. Bart Scott thinks the stadium will be "a little more cranked." Poor innocent, he has no clue what that stadium will be. He doesn't know from insane asylums. Poor child doesn't know what noise is yet. It will be awe inspiring.

This Saturday is the No. 1 sport ticket in Baltimore ever. Saturday with the Colts with the best quarterback against arguably the best defense in football.

I don't care if [the Colts] win a bunch of games, as long as they never, never make it to the Super Bowl. If my Ravens kill their postseason dreams, even better!


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Images of game days' past from The Sun's archives

Larry Feehely, Dick Kahn Sr., Don Ellenberger and John Folderauer (left to right) play the Colts fight song on their kazoos at a South Baltimore tavern prior to the Colts? game on Oct. 29, 1967. Bartender John Metzger salutes the song with a beer (hand in the foreground). The Colts went on to defeat the Redskins that day, 17-13, in Washington.

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SUN ONLINE POLL Q Which Colts offensive player worries you the most? Peyton Manning -- QB


Marvin Harrison -- WR

Dallas Clark -- TE

Joseph Addai -- RB

Adam Vinatieri -- K


Now starting at left timpani . . .


Ravens running back Mike Anderson didn?t play high school football. Instead, he played drums in the school?s marching band.

Frank Roylance's Gameday weather

57 / 41

After some cold temperatures at mid-week, our crazy-mild winter weather should return by Saturday, with mostly cloudy skies and a high near 57 before game time. Nightfall brings a 30-percent chance of rain, with a low of 41 degrees ? the normal HIGH for this time of year.