New site for stem cells


Researchers have found stem cells in human amniotic fluid that appear to have many of the key benefits of embryonic stem cells while avoiding their knottiest ethical, medical and logistical drawbacks, according to a study published yesterday. pg 1a

Democrats look at tax plan


Democrats are not ruling out raising taxes for the wealthiest Americans to help pay for tax cuts for middle-income families, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said. pg 3a


System old before it's new

Even as state officials prepare to track Baltimore foster children with a new $67 million computer system starting today, they are contemplating $10 million in repairs to fix serious glitches and shortcomings that have already surfaced. Baltimore's Department of Social Services will be the last of the state's 24 jurisdictions to use "Chessie," the Children's Electronic Social Services Information Exchange. pg 1b

Boyfriend's murder trial opens

The first-degree murder trial of hip-hop DJ Thomas Ryan Jr. in the death of his girlfriend Anuradha Ramasamy last year is scheduled to begin today in Baltimore Circuit Court. Ryan told police that he found Ramasamy hanging in their apartment, an apparent suicide, but the medical examiner's report labeled her death a homicide. pg 1b


General's plan for Iraq


Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno, the newly installed day-to-day commander of operations in Iraq, said that success in Iraq will depend on a multipronged strategy including economic aid, political negotiations and increased military operations targeting Sunni Arab and Shiite militants. pg 1a

Polish archbishop resigns

A national drama that embarrassed the Roman Catholic Church and roused Cold War memories ended in a spectacle yesterday when the new archbishop of Warsaw resigned before his Inauguration Mass after admitting that he collaborated with Communist secret police decades ago. pg 7a


Johnson deal finalized

Randy Johnson has agreed to a two-year, $26 million contract with the Arizona Diamondbacks. That leaves only physicals and final approvals to complete his trade from the New York Yankees. pg 4d



Patriots, Eagles advance

The New England Patriots beat the New York Jets, 37-16, in their AFC playoff, and the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New York Giants, 23-20, in their NFC playoff. section e


Norton prefers meatier roles

Columbia native Edward Norton eschews matinee-idol roles for characters that are more than they seem. pg 1c


He sends me

Kevin Cowherd laments the art of conversation with a teenage son obsessed with text messaging. pg 1c