Q&A; -- Adam Earle, C. Milton Wright, basketball

C. Milton Wright senior co-captain Adam Earle is nicknamed "Gym Rat" for his dedication to practice. "If we had 13 more like him, we'd be in great shape," Mustangs coach Chad Richie said. Earle, 6 feet 4, scored 16 points last Tuesday night in a 19-point victory over Fallston, raising the Mustangs' record to 4-3. He averages 10 points a game and carries a 3.5 grade point average.

What do you like most about being a co-captain?


I have the ability to be a little more instrumental in how the team is run. But it's a little difficult to talk to the players for disciplinary purposes.

What aspect of your game do you think needs the most improvement?


Defensively, I need to improve my quickness to guard the threes [small forwards] and my strength to guard the fours [power forwards]. I'm what they call a tweener. I'm pretty thin and weigh 190.

Is it tough maintaining a 3.5 GPA and playing basketball?

During the basketball season, it's pretty tough. But if you have your priorities straight, things work out. I don't have the highest GPA on the team. We have one guy who has a 4.3 because he takes advanced classes.

How far do you plan to take basketball in the future?

I'm hoping to play at a Division III school. Just playing for the love of the game. Where I go is up in the air now. I've had calls from Hood and Frostburg. I wish I were playing for a big-time scholarship, but that's not happening.

What's the most spectacular thing you have done on the court?

I'm 6-4, but I can't dunk, so I can't say I've made any great dunks. All I can say is that I love nothing more than being on the road in a hostile atmosphere and silencing the crowd by nailing a three-pointer. A back-breaker. I've never won a game with a three, but I'd love to shoot a dagger to beat a team.

What does your team need to do most to improve?


We need to have a better shot selection and get it done on the defensive end and on the boards. That's a lot. We did put a good game offensively and defensively together this week against Fallston.

What has been the biggest disappointment in your high school basketball career?

Last year as a junior, I worked really hard over the summer but I didn't play at all over the first six or seven games. Then I got in when a starter [leading scorer Joe Hagerty] got hurt and I scored 16 points. I was a starter from then on. If I hadn't taken advantage of that opportunity, I would have been spending a lot more time on the bench.