Homicide victim deserved better

I just read your Dec. 16 article about the murder of my best friend, Robin Lee Welshons, and I am sad and disappointed. Although I appreciate your tenacity in finding answers from the police and other powers that be, it depresses me that her life will forever be defined for your readers as you scribed it in this article.


She was salvaging a successful life, trying to get back to the wonderful person she was before. Yes, she suffered from depression for a short time in her life after a horribly troubling time at the end of her life, but her wonderfully exuberant and mostly happy life should not have been defined in your article as "riddled with depression, drugs and arrests..."

Instead, I wish you had focused on her life from 1972 until late 2004, almost all of her 33 years of existence. It would have been more accurate to describe her extensive education, her successful medical career, and the exceptional mothering of her three children. She was the quintessential super-mom. It wasn't until the last year and a half of her life that things fell apart, she lost her job, her fiance lost his job, and they turned to other means of financial support, dragging her into the dark world that ultimately killed her.


And what does she get for trying to redefine her life after some major mistakes? What does she get for helping the police and DEA to try and catch the root of the drug problem in Harford County? She gets two bullets in the head and neck by a cowardly thug, she gets her dirty laundry aired for all to see by the media, and she gets denied by the very agencies she helped and ultimately died for. Robin Lee Welshons was a hero who died trying to make things right. She was everything I ever aspired to be. Even if I live every day the best I know how, I'll never in my lifetime be half the woman and mother she was. She deserved better than this, in life and in death.

Tammy L. Budkey


A memorial service for Robin Lee Welshons will be held at noon Feb. 8 at her gravesite at Harford Memorial Gardens.

More assertive policing needed

I just heard on the police scanner of another fatal shooting in Edgewood (Meadow Wood Drive).

I'm a U.S Marine with over 12 years of service. I believe the main problem with the ever-increasing crime rate in Harford County is the lack of an assertive police presence and seems to lead to a lack of respect for law enforcement. I can recall several instances where it seems like local law enforcement would rather stand aside than get involved. It's my belief that if the "small" issues are reduced, then the larger ones will follow.

I was walking my dog one night with my 7 year-old daughter. We've been having a problem with kids riding unlicensed, non-street legal scooters on county roads. This evening one of these kids came close to running over my daughter. I immediately ran inside to call the Harford County Sheriff's Office. When I came back out I noticed a deputy out talking to them. Next thing I see is the same individuals pop wheelies and drive off - with no action from the officer.


The same night I noticed a scooter with no lights going way over the speed limit traveling down Brookside. There was a county cruiser right behind it. When it became obvious that the unit wasn't going to pull over the illegal scooter I flagged down the officer. I asked why he wouldn't take action against the illegal scooter. The reply: "Because I know when I hit my lights he'll run!" Is this the message we want to send? Run from local law enforcement and all is OK?

I've also inquired about the numerous vehicles parked in the fire lane at Mars grocery. I was told by another deputy that they stopped giving tickets and towing vehicles because they were getting harassed. What a joke!

Edgewood's a weird town. I've never lived anywhere else where the "ice cream" man comes by at midnight in the dead of winter and nobody finds it suspicious!

I'm off to Concord, N.C., in mid-January and I can't say I'll miss this place. Local law enforcement needs to wake up, mount up, and take the bull by the horns before it's too late!

Scott Faber Edgewood