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Mitchell to run for mayor

Baltimore City Councilman Keiffer J. Mitchell Jr. said yesterday that he is running for mayor. The three-term councilman plans a formal announcement for Jan. 19. pg 1A

Miller backs tougher standards

Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller yesterday threw his support behind legislation to require tougher emissions standards for new cars sold in the state. pg 1A


Nomination revives old model

In selecting retired Vice Adm. Mike McConnell as the next director of national intelligence, President Bush is reviving a model for the nation's spy chief: the intelligence professional. Bush announced yesterday that he intends to nominate McConnell, a former National Security Agency director who spent a quarter-century in the military. pg 3A

House moves against earmarks

In one of its first official acts under Democratic control, the House voted 280-152 yesterday to curb the middle-of-the-night, backroom deal-making that resulted in approval of embarrassing and sometimes illegal pork barrel projects. pg 3A


Orioles postpone FanFest

Because of a potential conflict with the Ravens' home playoff game next week, the Orioles postponed their annual FanFest, which was scheduled for Jan. 14 at the Baltimore Convention Center. An announcement about the rescheduling of FanFest is expected in the coming days. pg 1C


Somali fighters heed al-Qaida

Islamic fighters hiding in Mogadishu since their movement's main force was driven from the Somali capital say they will heed al-Qaida's call for guerrilla attacks and suicide bombings against Ethiopian troops whose intervention was key to the Islamists' defeat. pg 10A

Bush installs new leaders

President Bush is installing two experienced commanders from vastly different backgrounds to carry out the new Iraq policy he will announce next week, substituting them for generals who had qualms about a fresh buildup of U.S. troops. pg 10A


Time to fight the pudge

If you're feeling the January jiggle, it might be time to think about joining a gym. pg 1D

Let the planning begin

The 2007 calendar that Rob Kasper most eagerly waited for has arrived - the Baltimore Department of Public Works' calendar, which tracks trash pickup. pg 1D

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