The answer man takes his shot

Even though there has been no popular demand, it's time for the second installment of Ask Mr. Flip.

DEAR MR. FLIP -- I think I'm getting shooter's elbow, you know?


Gilbert Arenas, Anywhere from 35 feet in

DEAR HIBACHI -- Mr. Flip feels your pain. Not literally, of course, so he would just remind you that each shot you don't take is one that Jarvis Hayes might.


DEAR MR. FLIP -- I'm going to just love hitting here. I can feel it.

A. Huff , Coming to town

DEAR MR. HUFF -- Love the enthusiasm. However, you should realize you don't get to bat against last year's Orioles bullpen.

DEAR MR. FLIP -- Whenever that team with the horseshoes on their helmets plays on the TV, Daddy gets all red in the face and says a lot of bad words and Mommy makes me leave the room. Now Mommy says those horseshoes might be playing here and we'll have to go visit Grandma during the game.

Timmy, Age 6

DEAR TIMMY -- Check with Mommy about whether the horseshoes win the game. If so, you may want to sleep over at Grandma's.

He's got a million of 'em

Appearing on The Mark Viviano Show on WJFK (1300 AM) Thursday, former Ravens owner Art Modell was discussing how he could make it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Modell, whose contributions to the NFL have been overshadowed in the minds of some because he moved the Browns from Cleveland to Baltimore, said he had a surefire plan to get his name into the Hall.


Modell said: "I'm going to legally change my name to 'Exit.'"

Compiled by Mr. Flip, who might consider a name change to "Recycling here."