Owens' ludicrous behavior is a gift that keeps on giving

It should come as no surprise that, on Christmas Day, Terrell Owens and Jerry Jones got exactly what they deserved.

The Dallas Cowboys were embarrassed at home by the Philadelphia Eagles, perhaps at the cost of a division title, and Owens embarrassed himself on so many levels that it will be interesting to see if anyone will give him a uniform after the Cowboys give him his walking papers when their season ends in a couple of weeks.


Owens actually had the audacity to say that he was "embarrassed" by the Cowboys' offense and to imply that the lopsided loss Monday might have been averted if he had gotten more opportunities to catch the ball in the first half.

All I remember, of course, is that Owens had a chance to change the game when quarterback Tony Romo delivered a perfect long pass down the sideline in the second half and T.O. let it slide through his hands. I've stopped counting all his dropped passes this season, but I'm sure Jones - who gave him a three-year, $25 million contract after Owens sabotaged the Eagles last season - remembers every one.


Owens showed up at the post-game news conference in a Santa hat, or at least that's what it looked like. It's very possible it was just a floppy dunce cap, considering what he said while he was wearing it.

Finally, there's something Eagles fans and I can agree upon: This guy's nuttier than kung pao chicken.

Where Eagles dare

How can you help but be impressed with what the Eagles have done the past several weeks, and not just because Jeff Garcia got the last word with Owens, who questioned his sexuality in a Playboy interview before the 2004 season.

Garcia is playing like he's still in his early 20s, and the Eagles are starting to look like a dangerous playoff team. They've won four straight games, including three straight on the road against divisional opponents, and are starting to look a little like the other Pennsylvania team that staged an amazing late-season drive to the Super Bowl last season.

I don't think the Eagles are good enough to get that far, but I didn't think they were good enough to get to the playoffs and now they're a victory away from the NFC East title.

Where to now, T.O.?

Owens, by the way, got a $5 million signing bonus and $5 million salary for this season. He's due a $3 million roster bonus and $5 million next season and a $3 million roster bonus and $4 million salary in 2008.


Because NFL contracts are not guaranteed, I have only one question: What do you think the Oakland Raiders are going to pay him next year?

New Year's Rockin' Eve

This not really just in: T.O. will have a private jet waiting after the Detroit game Sunday to whisk him off to New York for New Year's Eve.

Right after the ball drops at midnight in Times Square, he's going to hold a news conference and explain why he didn't catch it.

Gonna fly now

Let's review. Owens embarrassed. Eagles back on top of the world. Rocky Balboa sizzling at the box office. Not a bad time to be from Philly.


Be very afraid

If you haven't noticed, I have maintained an uneasy peace with Eagles fans for the past few months. Soon after I donned my Terrell Owens Eagles jersey and crashed an Eagles tailgate party before the preseason matchup with the Ravens at M&T; Bank Stadium, I came to terms with several pro-Eagles e-mailers on a regular-season truce.

However, inherent in that agreement was their understanding that if the Eagles and Ravens ended up on a postseason collision course to the Super Bowl, they would be fair game in the playoffs.

Several promised that if the Eagles got close to the big game again, they would be so happy they wouldn't be offended when I resume stereotyping them as a bunch of blustery rowdies who can't hold down a six-pack.

Just so we understand each other.

Open question


If you had a gun to your head and you had to wear one or the other, would you choose to have Donald Trump's hair or Michael Irvin's wardrobe?

So far, 87 percent of respondents have said "Go ahead and shoot."

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