Craig retains Cabinet members

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As expected, County Executive David R. Craig has kept his Cabinet intact, reappointing 14 members, including holdovers from past administrations and those he chose after his own appointment last year.

About half of the returning members have been chosen by Craig since July 2005. After his election last month, he had said there would be few changes in his Cabinet.

"I feel that the team of cabinet members who have worked with me over the last 16 months in office work well together and have the same passion and philosophy to serve the citizens of Harford County to the best of their ability that I do," Craig, a Republican, said in a news release.

The only new face is Scott T. Gibson, who was named director of human resources to fill a job left vacant by James Richardson when he became director of economic development.

Gibson, 24, worked on Craig's election campaign and had been tapped by new Council President Billy Boniface to become County Council administrator.

The suggestion had angered some returning members of the council who felt the current administrator should not lose her job. The idea was scrapped.

"I am pleased that Scott has accepted my appointment. He will bring a lot of energy and dedication to the HR department and work well with the devoted staff of professionals that serve that agency," Craig said.

Gibson, who was once an aide to Republican state Sen. J. Robert Hooper, earned a master's degree from the University of Pennsylvania in government administration in May 2006 and had been working as deputy director of the Maryland Racing Commission.

The reappointments include Lorraine T. Costello, director of administration; Pete Gutwald, director of planning and zoning; Robert Cooper, director of public works; Roxanne Lynch; director of government and community relations, and Aaron N. Tomarchio, chief of staff.

The appointments will be sent to the County Council on Jan. 2.

By charter, the council has 30 days from the date of submission to confirm or reject any appointment.

Appointments are confirmed if the council takes no action.

Craig hired Tomarchio and created the Office of the Chief of Staff through an executive order to work directly with the citizens of Edgewood and the agricultural community.

But the County Council criticized the move and stripped the office's entire $461,800 budget.

Tomarchio's $96,000 salary - more than Craig's $93,000 executive paycheck - was funded by shifting dollars from the county budget.

Craig argued during the budget process that Harford was one of only a few large counties in Maryland that did not have a chief of staff, and he could put forth the proposal again next year with two of the council's most outspoken critics having been replaced in the election.

Craig's Cabinet

Aaron N. Tomarchio, chief of staff

Roxanne Lynch, director of government and community relations

Lorraine T. Costello, director of administration

James Richardson, director of economic development

John R. Scotten, treasurer

Deborah Henderson, director of procurement

Scott T. Gibson, director of human resources

Robert S. McCord, county attorney

Nancy Giorno, deputy county attorney

Mary F. Chance, director of community services

Shawn A. Kingston, director of housing

Joseph E. Pfaff, director of parks and recreation

Richard D. Lynch, director of inspections, licenses and permits

Pete Gutwald, director of planning and zoning

Robert Cooper, director of public works

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