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Deal looks better as one not made

I fail to understand all the hand-wringing regarding the Orioles' decision to not trade Brain Roberts to the Braves. From Sun columnists to letter writers, everyone simply assumed this was a good deal and yet another Peter Angelos misstep.

While I would agree with the consternation over Angelos' again sticking his hands into decisions best left to his "baseball people," I have much greater concern over why the "baseball people" thought this was such a good deal in the first place.

[Marcus] Giles was released days after the trade was rejected, so surely he was not an able replacement for Roberts. As for [Adam] LaRoche, am I the only person who sees similarities to Jay Gibbons two or three years ago?

In fact, even this year, Gibbons had all of six fewer home runs and five fewer RBIs than LaRoche.

Who's to say whether LaRoche turns into Justin Morneau, or just another Gibbons? In fact, for the price of only Hayden Penn, I'd be willing to gamble on the upside. But to trade a "heart and soul" guy, and a capable leadoff hitter to boot, with no adequate replacement in return, how would that make any sense?

So rip Angelos for his persistent meddling and indecisiveness, but to assume he's simply wrong because he should not be involved in decisions of this nature is being just as petty and small-minded as he's been accused of being.

Bob Wunder

Cub Hill

Rationalizations deserve scrutiny

While I appreciate that an article about former Oriole Sammy Stewart's tumble from greatness is mostly a "puff piece," The Sun should still challenge Stewart's rationalizations and false statements in the article and not merely print them as true.

Toward the end of the article, Stewart is quoted as saying, "I've never had a violent crime." Yet, in the beginning of the article, Stewart says, "I've run over people with a car." Of course, that is a violent crime. Did the people he ran over die? Were they badly injured?

If The Sun is going to devote such a long story to Sammy Stewart, I think you owe it to your readers to examine some of the old court files and really learn about his crimes, rather than just publish a drug addict's false rationalizations.

Steven Feldman

New York

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