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DAILY BREAKFAST -- Orange juice, milk and manager's choice of two of the following: bagel or English muffin or roll with jelly, biscuit or croissant with jelly, cereal, muffin, cinnamon roll, toaster pastry, graham crackers, mini-loaf.

TOMORROW -- Sub or burrito or chicken nuggets with a roll, served with oven potatoes, vegetables and fruit cup.

TUESDAY -- Pizza or spaghetti with meat sauce and a roll or cheeseburger, served with oven potatoes, salad, vegetables and fruit cup.

WEDNESDAY -- Steak sub or chicken sandwich or pizza on a bagel, served with oven potatoes, vegetables and fruit cup.

THURSDAY -- Sub or taco with shell and a roll or grilled cheese sandwich, served with oven potatoes, coleslaw and fruit cup.

FRIDAY -- Pizza or oven fried chicken and a roll or fish nuggets with a roll, served with vegetables, carrot sticks and fruit cup.

Note: -- Breakfast is $1 for children and $1.65 for adults; reduced breakfast is 30 cents; half-pint of milk served with each menu (45 cents separately). Lunch for children is $1.75; reduced price, 40 cents; adults, $3.05. In middle and high schools, a chef's or garden salad is available daily, served with a roll and chilled fruit.

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