How Yow could prove UM makes the grade

Maryland athletic director Deborah A. Yow wants the public to understand that she and others involved with UM athletics are doing a top-flight job in promoting academic progress among Terps athletes.


Well, I have doubts about the extent of their success.

No one has concerns about the academic progress of athletes in the minor sports. The concerns are primarily with basketball and football players.


Let Yow demonstrate how good these athletes are as students.

Here's how she could prove her case in regard to the basketball team.

At the end of the current semester, let her release the courses taken and the grades achieved by all the members of the basketball team for the fall semester.

No players need to be identified. Keep all the information anonymous. Just let the public know what courses have been taken and the grades received.

Let's see whether her claim is justified that "the academic progress of our student-athletes is a foundational tenet of our program."

Paul Marx


The best of the worst in history of O's deals


In yesterday's sports section, Roch Kubatko writes the following about former Orioles pitcher Pat Dobson, who died this week: "The Orioles traded Dobson and [Davey] Johnson to the Atlanta Braves before the 1973 season for catcher Earl Williams - a deal generally considered one of the worst in franchise history."

I well remember the deal as I was living and working in the Boston area at the time and the Boston sportswriters were unanimous in their questioning the sanity of the Orioles in making such a trade.

Williams' nickname was Earl "Ha Ha" Williams because he was unproductive and laughed all the way to the bank. But as bad as the Williams deal was, it is a minor blip on the radar screen of bad Orioles deals.

The ultimate bad deal - second place isn't even close - was when in 1993 Peter Angelos out-dealed Bill DeWitt for ownership of the Orioles. The deal, hailed by all in Baltimore including myself, was compared to a Shakespearean drama in which the good guy wins.

Sadly, Angelos has dragged down the franchise and made it the laughingstock of the baseball world.

Joseph Michael Cierniak