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THE QUESTION Casino Royale opened last week. What is your favorite James Bond movie and why?

WHAT YOU SAY Dr. No. Ian Fleming (007 creator) opened a new genre of movie experience. The first always seems the best, but I have never missed a James Bond movie.

LARRY KORNELUK, GLEN BURNIE Ursula Andress, Ursula Andress, Ursula Andress, Ursula Andress. I think the movie was Dr. No. All I can remember is ... well, I think you get the picture!


THE NEXT QUESTION The buzz about Will Smith's new movie Pursuit of Happyness and Beyonce Knowles' Dreamgirls began in the past two weeks, even though both movies won't open in theaters until the middle of December. Does all the hype give away too much of the story lines or does it stir your curiosity so much that you'll go see the movies anyway?

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