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Team rankings

The Baltimore Sun

(Last week's ranking in parentheses)

1. Colts (2)

Great team but can't stop the run.

2. Broncos (5)

Javon Walker acquisition is paying off.

3. Bears (1)

Miami shocker might be wake-up call.

4. Patriots (3)

Easy second-half schedule bodes well.

5. Chargers (6)

Will be a lot scarier when their two best pass rushers are back.

6. Giants (4)

Had no business letting the Texans stick around so long.

7. Ravens (7)

Brian Billick: Coach of the Year?

8. Saints (9)

What happened to Reggie Bush?

9. Jaguars (15)

Probably should keep David Garrard at QB.

10. Chiefs (16)

Larry Johnson had the numbers last week, but defense won the game.

11. Falcons (8)

Opponents will study the way Detroit put the clamps on Michael Vick.

12. Seahawks (12)

Need Matt Hasselbeck and Shaun Alexander back.

13. Panthers (13)

Will need a strong second half.

14. Bengals (11).500 for first time since 2004.

15. Cowboys (10)

Tony Romo is a good QB, but his supporting cast needs to play smarter.

16. Eagles (17)

Things aren't as bleak as they look.

17. Vikings (14)

Hobbled team looked tired vs. 49ers.

18. Rams (18)

What happened to the team that was so good about protecting the football?

19. Jets (19)

If the Patriots are hearing the Jets' footsteps, those steps are very faint.

20. Redskins (23)

As long as you beat the Cowboys, the season's not a total loss.

21. Steelers (20)

As bad as they've ever been under Bill Cowher. Maybe worse.

22. Bills (24)

When you hang onto the ball, you win.

23. Packers (22)

Gained 427 yards vs. Bills and still lost.

24. 49ers (29)

Defense stepped up vs. Vikings.

25. Buccaneers (21)

Bruce Gradkowski is fun to watch.

26. Lions (30)

Have had chance to win in five of their losses.

27. Browns (25)

Respectable loss vs. San Diego.

28. Dolphins (31)

The challenge: Don't let down after huge victory over Bears.

29. Texans (28)

Mario Williams is starting to come alive.

30. Titans (26)

Could Norm Chow take over as the Cardinals' coach next season?

31. Raiders (27)

Fans in Oakland must feel like they took a knee from Tyler Brayton.

32. Cardinals (32)

There's always next year ... but probably not for Dennis Green.

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