Q&A; -- Jaime Schaller, Harford Christian, volleyball

Senior outside hitter Jaime Schaller played a major role in Harford Christian School's march to a 13-2 record this season, coming through with significant kills and serving consistently well. Schaller said her teammates were so team-oriented that they stopped keeping individual statistics halfway through the season and concentrated on the Maryland Association of Christian Schools tournament championship; the team finished third.

What was your responsibility as a three-year starter and team leader?


If someone had a problem, my job was to help them. It goes further than just dealing with volleyball; sometimes it's school problems. We try to help each other with everything.

You had a 13-2 record and still finished third in the season-ending tournament. How disappointing was that?


It was pretty hard for the whole team. Meagan [Pilar] got sick the day before the finals, but we had a freshman [Courtney Grant] who stepped up and we were all really proud of her. We tried to make the best of that situation, but it was still hard. ... We still played like a team, and we made the best of what we could.

What do you like to do best on the volleyball court?

Definitely the kills.

What was your biggest disappointment this season?

Probably our third-place finish. ... It was a disappointment.

What was the weirdest thing that happened this season to the volleyball team?

Our coach [Justin Cross] getting married was pretty weird. He wasn't at some of our games, but we have three really good coaches - two assistant coaches and the main coach [Cross].

Do you plan on continuing your volleyball career in college?


I hope to. ... I'm not sure where exactly, but I know that I want to.

What was the most memorable match in your career?

This whole season was really great. It was a strong year for the whole team. We played really well as a team. I think that was a big part of it. We had a lot of people who could do a lot of things. We had a good setter [Alex Lating].