Chilled players open to site plan similar to NFL's

ST. LOUIS — ST. LOUIS -- Detroit Tigers center fielder Curtis Granderson said he and some teammates were kicking around an idea yesterday while they were stuck inside the visiting clubhouse at Busch Stadium because of the rain and chill outside.

"Both [the Tigers and St. Louis Cardinals] have spring training facilities in Florida; we could bring [the World Series] down there," Granderson said with a smile. "TV could still pick it up for the rest of the people that want to watch."


He said there was even talk among players that baseball adopt a revolving neutral World Series site - maybe in Texas or California - each year similar to what the NFL does with the Super Bowl. That way it can always be played in warm weather, says Granderson, who grew up in Chicago and has seen his share of sub-freezing baseball.

"I'd rather take warm over cold any day," Granderson said. "It kind of puts you more comfortable. You don't have to constrict yourself by covering up the whole day. But if you've got to be out there in the cold, the rest of the guys on your team and the other team have to be out there, too, so you have to battle through it."


Baseball, after all, is supposed to be played with one glove, not two.

But that hasn't been the case this October. The temperature at the start of Saturday's Game 1 was 52 degrees - by far the balmiest of the week. This World Series may not have another 50-degree night. Game 3, for instance, began at 43 degrees and dipped into the 30s before the final out.

But Tigers manager Jim Leyland doesn't care. Any talk about moving a World Series away from the home cities because of weather meets his scorn.

"I would never go for that. I love this. I don't care how miserable it is," Leyland said. "I think it would be a crying shame to take something like this away from the fans of St. Louis or the fans of Detroit."

Game 5 question

Cardinals manager Tony La Russa is leaving his starting pitching options open for Game 5, primarily because he's not sure when it is going to be played.

Because rain is expected for the next few days is Missouri, there is concern that Game 5 could be pushed back as far as Saturday after last night's rainout. So rookie Anthony Reyes, the Game 1 starter, and Jeff Weaver, who started Game 2, were in a holding pattern yesterday.

"The reality is one of those two guys is going to start the fifth game," La Russa said. "I don't know which it's going to be so they're both getting ready."


Neither pitcher seemed fazed.

"Everybody is on call whenever you need it," Weaver said.

Leading 2-1

Heading into tonight, teams with a 2-1 World Series lead were 38-40 in Game 4. Of those that have taken a 3-1 lead, 32 of the 38 have gone on to win the Series.

Home teams with a 2-1 Series lead - such as the Cardinals - were just 11-12 in Game 4. The Cardinals are 3-4 in Game 4s after leading 2-1 in a World Series. But they have won five of those seven World Series.

Ratings low


The Cardinals' 5-0 victory Tuesday night was the lowest-rated Game 3 in World Series history with a 10.2 national rating and 17 share, down 7 percent from last year. The rating is the percentage of U.S. television households tuned to a program, and each point represents 1,114,000 homes.