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Anne Arundel County

District 30: John C. Astle, the incumbent senator, is a conservative Democrat whose politics suit the voters he represents in Annapolis and the Broadneck peninsula. He wants to shore up the state's Transportation Trust Fund for the projects it was intended to finance: roads and transit. He deserves The Sun's endorsement.

House Speaker Michael E. Busch merits our unqualified endorsement as an independent and effective leader who has never lost touch with his constituents. Fellow Democratic incumbent Del. Virginia P. Clagett is also an experienced and proven advocate for the environment and education. Barbara Samorajczyk, an attorney and two-term Democratic member of the County Council, would make a fine addition to the veteran delegation.

District 31: In the Senate, Democrat Walter J. Shandrowsky, a former lawmaker and retired manufacturer's sales representative, has the legislative experience his Republican opponent lacks and the community roots to understand the district's needs. He is our choice.

For the House of Delegates, Joan Cadden, an incumbent Democrat with experience on public safety issues, receives our endorsement and should be joined in Annapolis by two newcomers: Democrat Thomas J. Fleckenstein, a former county prosecutor in his third bid for the House, and Republican Steve Schuh, a Gibson Island businessman whose appeal is his financial and educational background.

District 32: James Ed DeGrange, the incumbent Democratic senator who chaired a legislative subcommittee on transportation, has the expertise and experience on capital funding projects to benefit Anne Arundel's transportation and school construction needs. He deserves The Sun's endorsement. In the House of Delegates race, Democrat Pamela Beidle offers knowledge of the county from her years on the County Council. She and incumbents Theodore Sophocleus and Mary Ann Love, both Democrats who have served the district ably, are our choices.

District 33: In this sizable district that runs from Crofton to south county, quality-of-life issues are of paramount concern. Voters need an energetic and effective advocate, and that's why The Sun endorses newcomer Scott Hymes, a pro-business Democrat, over incumbent Republican Janet Greenip for the state Senate seat.

District 33A: The best candidates in the northern part of the district are Republican James King, a restaurateur from Gambrills who can be an advocate for small-business owners, and Democrat Patricia Weathersbee, a businesswoman who wants to make the state's strained health care system more efficient and effective.

District 33B: While Democrat Mike Shay's progressive views, particularly on environmental issues, should strike a chord with voters, we favor incumbent Bob Costa, a professional firefighter and a much-needed moderate voice within the county's GOP ranks.

Harford County

District 34: Democrat William B. Kilby, a Cecil County dairy farmer and conservationist, strikes us as an independent, thoughtful advocate on a range of issues of concern in this Harford-Cecil district. Mr. Kilby has been an innovator in his family business and a leader on land preservation. A conservative who thinks for himself, he receives The Sun's endorsement for the Senate.

District 34A: Del. Mary-Dulany James, a Democrat, has served the county with distinction, intent on preserving Harford's rural legacy, addressing its suburban needs and managing the state's fiscal obligations. She is The Sun's choice as well as former Democratic legislator B. Daniel Riley, a voice for the Edgewood area of the district.

District 35: The county is fast outgrowing the parochial concerns of Sen. J. Robert Hooper, a Republican from Bel Air. Democrat Stan Kollar, a biologist who runs a nursery, favors closing corporate tax loopholes, promoting transit-oriented development and ensuring employers pay their fair share of health care insurance for workers. He receives our endorsement.

District 35A: We endorse incumbent Del. Barry Glassman, a Republican, and newcomer Craig H. DeRan, a Democrat and Bel Air lawyer whose concerns about water and air quality reflect his desire to preserve land and control sprawl.

District 35B: Democrat David Carey, president of the Maryland Municipal League, is willing to restrict new septic systems to protect the Chesapeake Bay and increase the sales tax by a penny to address projected state budget deficits, which shows his smarts and courage. He is our choice for delegate.

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