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DNA no guarantee of freedom

Maryland burst to the forefront of post-conviction DNA testing in 1991, when the evidence freed Kirk Bloodsworth from death row. DNA testing has changed the future of six Maryland prisoners, but rarely are post-conviction DNA cases solved with clear-cut declarations of innocence. pg 1b

Ehrlich donations rescinded

Companies affiliated with gun manufacturer Beretta have rescinded their donation to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s campaign after questions were raised about the contributions. They had donated a total of $12,000, although state law limits donations to $4,000. pg 3b


Canal expansion vote today

Panamanian voters are likely to approve a $5.2 billion project today to expand the Panama Canal, according to polls, despite warnings of debt, competition, technical miscalculations in the project and possible environmental damage. pg 22a

Hungary recalls 1956 uprising

As Hungary marks the 50th anniversary of its doomed uprising against the Soviet Union, it and other former East Bloc nations struggle to blend into the West. More than 2,500 Hungarians died fighting Soviet forces. pg 23a


Scandal backlash threatens GOP

An iron law of modern elections holds that incumbents lose only in the rarest circumstances, such as illness or scandal. This year, scandal is anything but rare. Voter anger over the congressional page sex scandal and the Republican leaderships handling of it could be enough to tip a number of close races to the Democrats, analysts say. pg 3a

Ill kids, struggling families

At least 6 million American children have difficulties that are diagnosed as serious mental disorders, according to government surveys, a number that has tripled since the early 1990s. The illness, and sometimes the treatment, can strain marriages, jobs and finances. pg 7a


Hard lessons from 2000

As the Dow hits new highs, it's a good time to reflect on the lessons of the last market run-up. When the dot-com bubble burst in 2000 and stocks tanked, plenty of pain was felt all around for years. What's different this time? pg 1d


Cardinals roll in Game 1

Anthony Reyes pitched brilliantly into the ninth inning, Albert Pujols hit a two-run homer and Scott Rolen also homered to help the St. Louis Cardinals cruise past the Detroit Tigers, 7-2, in the World Series opener in Detroit. pg 1e


Cole returns to R&B;

Singer Natalie Cole's new album, Leavin', marks her return to rhythm and blues after years of crooning tunes from the Great American Songbook. pg 1f


Member of the weddings

Being a bridesmaid is in many ways a delightful experience. But being one three times within a six-month span is an ordeal that consumes hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. pg 1n


Cruising the fjords

A cruise vacation in Norway offers scenery so spectacular that it's like trying to eat five desserts -- almost too much to take in. But for tourists, there's also bird safaris, the cobbled streets of Bergen and reindeer roasts. pg 1r

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