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Here's hoping that someone gave B.J. Sams a ride to the stadium last night. Mile High is just an expression, you know. It's not a requirement to play there.

Now that the whole Philly return is complete, what can Terrell Owens do to grab a little attention this weekend? Maybe he'll shoot a man in Reno just to watch him die. It's been known to happen.

What a shocker that Sunday's game didn't live up to the considerable hype. Three catches for 45 yards, none in the first half.

With the Yankees in dire need of another starting pitcher and owner George Steinbrenner required by law to overreact and overspend, is there any doubt that they'll back up the truck for Barry Zito? I'm not sure he's a New York kind of guy, but there are millions and millions of reasons we'll likely find out.

Zito's friend, former Orioles outfielder Eric Byrnes, says the left-hander has three or four teams on his preferred list. The Yankees are one of them. The Orioles are not.

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