Underdog crashes Senate race


Kevin Zeese, believed to be the first candidate anywhere in the country to win the endorsements of the Green Party and the Libertarian Party, is waging an uphill fight as he runs for the U.S. Senate in a race dominated by Democratic U.S. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin and Republican Lt. Gov. Michael S. Steele. pg 1B

Jump-start coming at parishes


Small gatherings will be taking place starting this week in about a third of the parishes in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore as part of a four-year effort to invigorate the congregations and revive the faith of people who might be years removed from formal religious education. pg 1B


Allen did not report options

For the past five years, Sen. George Allen has not told Congress about stock options he got for his work as a director of a high-tech company. The Virginia Republican also asked the Army to help another business that gave him similar options. Congressional rules require senators to disclose all deferred compensation, such as stock options. pg 3A

GOP says scandal may be costly

The congressional page scandal involving former Rep. Mark Foley will make it more difficult for the Republican Party to maintain control of Congress in November, Republicans acknowledged yesterday, insisting that anyone responsible for covering up the scandal must be held accountable. pg 3A


Prayer garden artist back home


Scott Rykiel, a self-described "Polish kid from Baltimore" has worked on projects around the world, but in one of his latest, he comes home to design a prayer garden for the site of the former Rochambeau apartment building in Mount Vernon. pg 1c


Defusing bribery in Russia

Russia has long wrestled with the business of bribery, in which citizens are compelled to fork over payments. The newest tool in the fight against corruption: a 16-page booklet called If You're Asked For A Bribe. pg 1A

In Iraq, forces repel assault

American and Iraqi forces fended off an assault early yesterday in the southern city of Diwaniyah, where the Iraqi army fought a major battle with Shiite Muslim militias in August, the U.S. military said. pg 8A



Vickers wins Nextel Cup race

Brian Vickers stole his first Nextel Cup victory by turning teammate Jimmie Johnson into race leader Dale Earnhardt Jr., then skirting by two spinning cars at Talladega (Ala.) Superspeedway. pg 1d


Eagles spoil Owens' return

The Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys, 38-24, in Terrell Owens' return to Philadelphia. Owens, who helped the Eagles reach the Super Bowl in 2004 but left after a bitter dispute, had three catches for 45 yards. pg 1e


Quote of the day

"Two wrongs don't make a right. It's a baby,whether you're raped or not. You need a choice both you and your baby can live with."

Megan Barnett, who has spoken at the South Dakota Legislature about having a daughter resulting from a rape. Article, PG 2A

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