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Maryland: Primary election

12 incumbents lost in General Assembly

Re-election is usually a safe bet for members of the General Assembly, but this year's primary election was tough on some incumbents. Twelve senators and delegates lost.

The list of casualties Tuesday included 11 Democrats and one Republican, Del. Joanne S. Parrott of Harford County. Most were relatively new to the legislature, but voters also rejected two veteran lawmakers - Ida G. Ruben of Montgomery County, who served 20 years in the Senate, and Mary A. Conroy, a member of the House of Delegates from Prince George's County since 1986.

Ruben lost to Jamie Raskin, an American University professor who waged an energetic campaign and ran as a more progressive Democrat than Ruben in a liberal district in the Takoma Park area. In the same district, incumbent Del. Gareth E. Murray ran last among seven contenders.

The other senator who was knocked off is Democrat John A. Giannetti Jr., a first-term senator from Prince George's. He lost to James C. Rosapepe, a former member of the House of Delegates who was ambassador to Romania under President Bill Clinton.

House Speaker Michael E. Busch said the heated Senate campaign played a role in the surprise defeat in that district of Brian R. Moe, who was close to top House leaders and had been a delegate since 1998.

Delegates Rosetta C. Parker in Prince George's County and Neil F. Quinter in Howard County lost after they were dropped from tickets with other incumbents in their districts. Other Democratic delegates who lost were Marshall T. Goodwin in Baltimore, Joan F. Stern in Montgomery County and Darryl A. Kelley in Prince George's.

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St. Mary's County: Point no point

Demolished bridge to be home for fish

Long a parking lot over the Potomac, sections of the Wilson Bridge are heading downriver to a spot where anglers will one day sit in leisure instead of anger. Portions of the much-maligned bridge, which was demolished last month, will be used to build an artificial reef just north of where the Potomac meets the lower Chesapeake Bay in St. Mary's County.

Fifty-foot concrete sections of the center span will be dumped Wednesday off a football field-size barge, said Aaron Kraus, a spokesman for the Department of Natural Resources. The sections will add to an established artificial reef, providing habitat for fish and other bay denizens.

The old six-lane drawbridge, which opened in 1961 and connects Maryland and Virginia on Interstate 495, has long been too small for commuter traffic from burgeoning suburbs on both sides of the river. It is being replaced with two new drawbridges.

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Cecil County: Cecilton

Residents leery of annexation plan

Some residents are wary of a proposal to add 165 acres - and possibly 150 new homes - to the city's northern boundary.

Mayor John J. Bunnell has supported the proposed annexation, saying it will benefit the city's economy and infrastructure. But some residents disagree, and they came to a city hearing on the matter Wednesday.

Cecilton officials are expected to vote on the proposal Sept. 27.

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Washington Co.: Hagerstown

3rd man indicted in fatal shooting

A third man has been indicted in the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old Hagerstown woman in July.

Daynard Johnson, 26, was charged with being an accessory after the fact and carrying and knowingly transporting a handgun in the July 31 shooting of Trisiviah Rodriguez. He is accused of driving drove the getaway vehicle for the two men charged in the killing, Demetrius McDaniels, 28, and Raheen Tajohn Edwin, 31.

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