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This fan misses the 'real' Orioles

I just read David Steele's column, "Fans' patience at loss as O's limp home again" [Thursday].

If you do some research and get to know the Orioles' players and front office people in the 1960s and 1970s, you will then know the Real Baltimore Orioles.

Everyone in those organizations was in love with all the people in the city and the state.

All the people in the city and state were in love with everyone in those organizations. Management and players made everyone feel proud to say, "Our Team!"

Maybe this newspaper should print some of the game stories from those years. Let everyone know what they are really missing. The Real Baltimore Orioles do not exist today.

Don Newbery

Richmond, Va.

Maryland football: How bad can it get?

Being a lifelong resident of this fine state and an avid University of Maryland sports fan for many years, I have one simple question for Coach Friedgen: Is it too early to apply for disaster relief?

Patrick R. Lynch


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