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Senior soccer midfielder Josh Meyer is a three-year starter, team captain and inspirational leader for Century High School, which posted a 9-5-1 record in the Chesapeake Conference of the Monocacy Valley Athletic League last season. Meyer scored seven goals and had six assists on the way to earning an honorable mention in the conference last season.

How important is soccer in your life?

It's real important. I haven't played any other sport. I think it gives me a lot of the traits that will help me get a job after school, like determination, leadership skills, teamwork and time management.

How far do you want to take the sport in the future?

Well, if I get asked, I would like to play soccer in college, maybe for McDaniel, Towson or James Madison. I think I have the best chance playing for McDaniel.

What values has soccer taught you in life?

Just try to be nice to everybody, keep everybody in a good mood, just be determined and don't give up, and how to be a leader.

Do you ever wish you had tried another fall sport?

No. I mean, I like playing golf and everything, but I like playing soccer the best. I have thought about playing lacrosse for the first time in the spring.

What do you do to get mentally prepared for a game?

I like to listen to music, just hang out with the guys and talk to them about the game. Nothing too crazy.

What is your most disappointing moment while playing soccer?

It was last year when we lost to Rockville [2-1] late in the season. I thought we were a pretty good team and could have gone a lot further than we did. It was just an unfortunate game.

What is the funniest thing that ever happened on the field?

It was just this week when we got our team pictures taken. Everybody was just standing up holding a ball in normal posing, when one of the players, Eric Bien, laid down and posed like he was in a magazine. ... Everybody went after him really hard. He was like crawling at the camera. They had to redo the picture.

What is your most exciting moment in soccer?

I just like being with everybody and playing. Nothing too exciting has happened. We haven't won anything while I've been here. I think we have an awesome team, I love all the players on the team, I'm friends with all of them, and practices are fun. I think we're going to be good this year, so hopefully this will be the best year.

What are your hobbies?

I like to play golf, pingpong and do landscaping. I actually work in landscaping for my coach [Scott Smith].

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