Except for actresses, 'Quiet' is a loud failure

The Baltimore Sun

The Quiet is a film with something of a split-personality disorder. It never quite settles on whether it's a Mean Girls burlesque of teen life, an American Beauty-style bad-things-in-the-suburbs drama or a wayward horror film. And it certainly never reconciles itself to successfully pulling off a hybrid of the three.

A recently orphaned teenage girl (Camilla Belle) who does not hear or speak is taken in by a couple (Edie Falco and Martin Donovan), much to the consternation of their cheerleader daughter (Elisha Cuthbert). From there secrets are revealed, unsteady alliances are formed and the house undergoing renovations becomes some kind of cornball metaphor.

The Quiet (Sony Pictures Classics) Starring Camilla Belle, Edie Falco, Martin Donovan, Elisha Cuthbert. Directed by Jamie Babbit. Rated R. Time 96 minutes.

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