Dr. Gary E. Applebaum // U.S. House of Representatives, Maryland's 3rd. district

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Name: Gary E. Applebaum Date of Birth: Feb. 11, 1959 Party affiliation: Republican Professional background: former executive vice president and chief medical officer for Erickson Retirement Communities (Charlestown, Oak Crest and Riderwood Village) Educational background: Bachelor of Arts, University of Pennsylvania, 1985; Doctor of Medicine, the Johns Hopkins University, 1988. Personal : member of board of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore; and of the Erickson Foundation. Raised $50,000 for research for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through team running in Disney Marathon; married to Julie Levitt Applebaum; sons: Michael and Philip, 1991; Hobbies: Marathon running, biking, tennis and photography. 1. Why are you running for Congress? As a physician and executive I have had the privilege to spend two decades improving the lives of thousands of patients, their families and employees. I am now determined to use my skills and experience to focus on crucial issues that effect the quality of life of all Americans. We must improve health care, reform government, decrease taxes, support the business community that employs the overwhelming majority of Americans and provide our children with an education second to none in the world. 2. What is your position on current US policy in Iraq? We must provide unconditional support to our brave women and men in Iraq. Clearly it is in our national interest to have stability in the region, so that it is no longer a haven for terrorists to plan barbaric attacks such as the ones that were carried out on September 11, 2001. We should take our lead from the commanders on the ground to insure sufficient forces and materials to meet their tactical goals and provide for their own security. Americans must remain optimistic that our efforts will lead to a freer, safer world. 3. What is your view of the Medicare prescription drug plan, and whether changes are needed to the program? As a physician who specializes in the care of seniors, I fully appreciate the miracle of modern medications. It is essential that seniors be able to afford these medications. Unfortunately, the current Medicare drug plan is too complicated and many seniors are not signing up. Clearly this plan was designed by insurance experts and congressional staff, not physicians. As a nation spending 16 percent of our wealth on health care, we must have people in Congress with a deeper understanding of the needs of patients, and experience in meeting those needs. 4. What is the most important issue facing residents of the 3rd District? In a recent Gallup poll, 68 percent of Americans said the availability and affordability of health care was their major concern. My neighbors in the District have said the same thing. Fortunately America is blessed with the best health care providers, the finest technology and we are certainly spending enough money on health care. We need experienced health care professionals to provide leadership roles in Congress and reform our system to assure availability and affordability of health care to all Americans.

Editor's note: Information in this profile was gathered from responses to a questionnaire sent by The Sun to candidates

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