Q AND A WITH Motion City Soundtrack


Summertime and the living is easy - and the Warped Tour is coming to Nissan Pavilion today.

We love music, but when it comes to Warped, what we're always interested in is who's playing what game on the bus.

Most bands are notorious gamers, and the guys from Motion City Soundtrack (motioncitysoundtrack.com), one of the headliners for this year's tour, are certainly no exception. There's a lot of time to kill rolling from town to town, and gaming is the No. 1 way bands fill it.

We caught up with Motion City Soundtrack guitarist Joshua Cain and keyboardist Jesse Johnson for a no-holds-barred look at their video-game addiction.

You guys first hit the road back in the days of the big, gray Game Boy, around 1997.

Joshua: Yeah, Jesse would actually bring his PlayStation along in the van ...

Jesse: ... And I'd bring a little TV and plug it in.

Joshua: I've spent most of the last few years playing video games in a van or on a bus. We're the Nintendo generation. The Nintendo, the Super Nintendo - I bought 'em the first day. I had the gold cartridge of Zelda.

We got it at home. What are your all-time favorite games, the ones that really left a mark on you?

Jesse: Double Dragon, for the NES. I remember waiting for it to come out. And then Double Dragon vs. Battle Toads.

Joshua: Before I had a home system, I'd skateboard over to the bowling alley or the arcade and just hang out for a few hours playing video games with my friends. I spent a lot of time there. When the home thing happened, it changed my life. Paperboy was the first one that ever got me - I couldn't get away from those [expletive deleted] bees! Another game that changed my life was the first Castlevania.

Jesse: Ah yeah! I have all those old games on my PS2, I have it set up with an emulator. I actually have two PS2s, one for new stuff, one for the emulator.

Joshua: Super Mario Bros. But of course, now I get sucked in by things like Halo.

What about that music thing?

Joshua: I didn't start that until I was 15!

Jesse: We met at a party, and I asked him to join the band that ultimately became MCS.

Joshua: That's what kind of pulled me away from the video games a little bit. I got back in. I can find a video game I really like - God of War, Resident Evil games - and go, "Man, I'm gonna play this all night."

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