Daniel Wilcox

Tight end Daniel Wilcox signed a new three-year contract with the Ravens in March. He averaged 7.7 yards on 20 receptions last year. He also led the team with his career-high 18 special teams tackles.

With your new contract, did you get a new car?


"Actually I did. I wasn't expecting to get a new one, but my truck got wrecked at the end of the season last year so I got something else. I got a Ford F-150."

So nothing really fancy?


"I'm a truck guy, just straight old Ford. This is my third or fourth truck in six years."

What do you do with your free time during camp?

"I brought my mini PSP just in case I really get bored and I don't have much to do. Mainly, mostly it's just studying playbook time."

What television shows do you like?

"I watch stuff like Sex and the City, Friends, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, stuff like that."