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Top 10 reasons fans can disregard O's

As the sun slowly sets on another dismal, but not unexpected, season for the Orioles, here are the top 10 reasons for ignoring this pathetic team:

1. The fight for last place in the AL East has really heated up; it's pretty rotten when this represents the only true excitement left for the season.

2. The annual Mike DeJean Award for incompetence is now a toss-up between stellar performers Russ Ortiz and Luis Terrero.

3. The tension is mounting as we await the glowing promises for next year from Peter Angelos and Mike Flanagan.

4. No matter how much it would have cost, how can you not grab Bobby Abreu for Rodrigo Lopez?

5. The Orioles' frugality somehow does not apply to Leo Mazzone. Isn't there something wrong with that picture?

6. How is it that three of last year's more successful starters now can't get anybody out? Daniel Cabrera is in the minors, Bruce Chen fell off the map, and Rodrigo Lopez appears not to have a clue - Mazzone is sure working wonders with this staff.

7. When did Terry Crowley instruct Javy Lopez to swing at every pitch thrown in the dirt? God forbid he should walk occasionally. Knowledge of the strike zone is not one of the great attributes of Orioles hitters.

8. When will Jeff Conine stop throwing his bat down in disgust every time he pops up?

9. After all the talk about acquiring a first baseman and a left fielder, when will this team finally realize that the only position that really matters is pitching - something woefully missing for the past nine years?

10. Will broadcaster Jim Hunter ever develop a backbone and "tell it like it is" or are we doomed to listen to his Pollyanna message at all times? Where is Jon Miller when you need him?

Morton D. Marcus


Camden Yards ushers are fair and friendly

I must take issue with Justin Conroy's comments concerning the Orioles' ushers in last week's letters [Orioles' ushers toe harsh company line].

During the past 39 years, we have never encountered a rude or stubborn usher. If we are going to pay $45 per seat, why should fans who pay $10, $15 or even $18 for a seat sit in front of us and block our view just because the seats are unoccupied?

Even if they did, we would not consider them "vagrants."

The Orioles' policy is a sound and logical one. The ushers are well-trained, kind, considerate and polite. They are only following company policy, as any other loyal employees would do.

The next time Mr. Conroy and his five friends come to a ballgame, let them pay the going rate for the best seats in the park, if that is where they want to sit.

Jim Royer


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