Debating gas-leak notices


Facing criticism from community activists about lurking threats to their drinking water, state officials are considering notifying thousands of residents throughout central Maryland about old underground gasoline leaks that could contaminate nearby wells. pg 1b

Curran defends appeal


Maryland Attorney General J. Joseph Curran Jr. defended yesterday his decision to appeal a federal ruling that struck down a state law that would have penalzied Wal-Mart for failing to boost spending for employee health care, contending that the case has merit and that there was nothing political behind his actions. pg 4b


Landis leads entering last day

Floyd Landis of Pennsylvania captured the yellow jersey and a 59-second lead after the penultimate stage of the Tour de France. Landis has what many consider a commanding lead over Spaniard Oscar Pereiro entering today's final stage. pg 1e

Woods leads British Open by 1

Tiger Woods, who is 10-0 with the lead going into the final round of a major, took a one-stroke lead over Sergio Garcia, Ernie Els and Chris DiMarco after the third round of the British Open. pg 1e


Thoroughly modern you


How "modern" are you? Take The Sun's quiz of 21st-century terms and find out. pg 1n

Following the 'Idol' dream

The American Idols Live concert tour draws a cross-section of America that has one thing in common: an obsessive devotion to young amateur singers who a year ago were working the drive-through at Sonic Burger. pg 1F

Happy birthday, Mozart

Austrian cities Salzburg and Vienna celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. pg 1R



NSA targets media leaks

The National Security Agency has mounted an increasingly aggressive campaign to root out disclosures to the news media, including a new policy that could require every agency employee to hunt for leaks, current and former intelligence officials said. pg 1a

St. Louis begins recovery

St. Louis and the surrounding region began recovering from a week that brought 100-degree heat and one of its worst storms, followed by another big thunderstorm Friday. The forecast was free of any immediate weather problems. pg 4a


Syria central to Mideast crisis


As Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice travels to Israel today, Bush administration officials say they recognize Syria is central to any plans to resolve the crisis in the Middle East, and they are seeking ways to peel Syria away from its alliance of convenience with Iran. pg 14a

Ethiopian troops in Somalia

Ethiopian troops moved into a second Somali town yesterday to protect the country's weak, U.N.-backed government, angering the Islamic militia that controls most of Somalia and causing peace talks to collapse. pg 16a

Quote Of the day

"Supreme Court justices [are] the rock stars of the judiciary."

Montgomery N. Kosma, of The Green Bag law journal, which puts out bobbleheads of Supreme Court justices. Article, PG 13A