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First aid gets sea legs


On the water, nasty stuff happens: scrapes, dings and boo-boos. And that's just the boat.

For the humans aboard, a first-aid kit is a must. Adventure Medical Kits, long a supplier to adventurers on terra firma, has come up with eight versions to cover anything from day-tripping to deep-blue voyages.

The Marine 300 ($49; is perfect for the Chesapeake Bay, where medical assistance is about an hour away. The blue bag is smaller than a Stephen King thriller and weighs 1 pound, 14 ounces.

Inside are a how-to guide, plenty of bandages and ointments, a two-person emergency blanket, a wound cleaning system with irrigation syringe and stuff to ease the pain of a jellyfish sting.

Blackbeard didn't have a first-aid kit, and look what happened to him.

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