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Roch Around The Clock


Like many of us, Orioles manager Sam Perlozzo has been impressed with Brandon Fahey's rapid and smooth adjustment to playing left field. Fahey started at shortstop yesterday, but it looks like he'll continue to be a regular in left.

Perlozzo learned by accident earlier this season that Fahey had outfield experience.

"It was one of those things where, I don't know what even made me do it, but I went over and asked him if he ever played the outfield," Perlozzo said. "I was looking for ways to get bats in the lineup at the time, and he said, 'Actually, I have a couple years in junior college.' And I said, 'Do me a favor and run out there and take some fly balls the next three or four days.' To his credit, he works. He's a baseball player. He went out and did it.

"After that I asked him, 'Have you ever caught?' And dead serious, he said, 'Yes, but can I have a couple bullpen sessions first?' Dead serious. This kid will do anything to get in the lineup."

I asked Perlozzo if, during the late innings of a one-sided game, he'd put Fahey behind the plate.

"His biggest concern after that was, was there any equipment that would fit him," Perlozzo said.

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