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Summit tests Russia/U.S. bond

President Bush faces a test of his bond with Russian President Vladimir V. Putin this week in St. Petersburg, where the two are to meet at a summit amid strained relations between their nations. pg 1A

Bush panned for spy program

Rep. Peter Hoekstra, a Republican and chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, lashed out at President Bush yesterday, suggesting that the White House may have broken the law by failing to inform Congress of a major intelligence program and other activities. pg 3A


Billy Graham speaks at revival

Making what will likely be his last visit to Baltimore, 87-year-old evangelist the Rev. Billy Graham coaxed hundreds of people in a huge Oriole Park crowd to commit their lives to Jesus. Yesterday was the last day of the three-day Maryland Metro Festival, which also featured Graham's son, the Rev. Franklin Graham. pg 1A

Crime spree suspect arrested

Following a lead that took them to Baltimore County, city police detectives arrested a man they believe is responsible for a spree of brazen armed robberies, carjackings and home invasions over the past two months in central and north Baltimore. pg 1B

Rape trial focuses on definition

The rape trial this week of Lamar Owens, Navy's star quarterback in 2005, is expected to focus on the strict and antiquated definition of rape under military law, several experts said. A new law that creates degrees of rape and drastically revises the definition of consent won't take effect until 2007, too late for several courts-martial this summer involving U.S. Naval Academy personnel. pg 1B


Iraqi death toll hits 60

Shiite militiamen and Sunni Arab insurgents killed at least 60 people in shootings and bombings in Baghdad yesterday, in a bloody outbreak that raised the specter of a city sinking deeper into sectarian warfare. pg 1A

Israel won't back off in Gaza

Israel will continue its military offensive in the Gaza Strip at its own pace until Palestinian militants release a captured Israeli soldier and halt their rocket attacks, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told his Cabinet yesterday. pg 8A


Italy wins World Cup

Italy outlasted France to win its fourth World Cup. Italy won a shootout, 5-3, after a 1-1 draw. The game was marred by French captain Zinedine Zidane's ejection in the 110th minute of his farewell game for a nasty head butt to the chest of Marco Materazzi. pg 1C

O's end half on winning note

The Orioles rallied for a 5-4 victory over the Indians to end the first half of the season with a two-game winning streak. The win ended a 4-6 road trip and was the Orioles' third winning road series this season. pg 1C


Mysterious towers guard coast

Eleven curious concrete towers rise from Delaware's coastline, from its southern edge in Fenwick Island to Cape Henlopen, built 65 years ago to defend a nation on the verge of war. pg 1d

Slow death by car repair

Kevin Cowherd complains that driving his 10-year-old Ford Taurus station wagon is like death by paper cuts - it saps your will and bleeds your bank account dry with a thousand repair bills. pg 1d


"Being short is not a disease. There's really nothing wrong with these kids."

Hormone expert Mitch Harman, on parents giving their short children growth drugs PG 2A

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Outdoor cookery

Campfire cooking doesn't have to be boring - with a well-seasoned Dutch oven and key ingredients, you can cook up tasty meals in the wilderness.

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The Pink chameleon returns

In the pop realm, Alecia Moore, better known to the world as Pink, has long established herself as a no-nonsense music chameleon. Folk, punk, R&B;, power balladry - she's proficient in all. The title of her latest album, her first in three years, makes an unnecessary declaration: I'm Not Dead.

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