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Getting McNair a plus for Baltimore

I want to let the citizens of Baltimore know how fortunate they are to have Steve McNair coming to their city.

He is truly the toughest quarterback I have ever seen, often playing with injuries that would force many men to the training room.

He does his job and never wants to be in the spotlight. He has been so involved with community activities, and yet he never seeks recognition. He is the kind of individual you hope your son grows up to become.

The business side of the NFL is truly the dark side when a team is unable to keep a McNair, Derrick Mason or Samari Rolle in the same uniform for his entire career.

Although this is not new, it hurts to lose good people like Steve McNair from our community. While backing the Titans, I will watch, with great interest, the Ravens and wish those former Titans much success.

Ronny Lankford

Franklin, Tenn.

Grand Slam matches aren't created equal

I have been listening to Venus Williams and other female tennis players for years complaining about equal prize money for women.

While I agree 100 percent that a woman deserves equal pay for doing the same job as a man, I disagree with their argument. In Grand Slam play, the men play best three-of-five matches, while the women only play best two-of-three. The women now have equal prize money in two Slams and are close on the other two.

I think they have it very good already. If you take any male champion and any female champion and factor the total hours played to win their championship, the women earn way more per hour of work on the court than the men.

I think that if the women want prize money equal to that of the men, then it should be equal pay for equal play. In a real-world comparison, you have two job offers, the first is offering $100,000 per year for a 60-hour workweek, the second is offering $90,000 per year for a 40-hour workweek. Which one would you choose?

Michael Block


Losing Dellucci still pains this fan

In interleague play this year, the Philadelphia Phillies won five and lost 13, all vs. American League East teams. In those games, David Dellucci had 41 at-bats with 18 hits and 29 total bases. That's a .439 batting average, and a .707 slugging average. How many Orioles post numbers like that in AL East games? Amazingly, Dellucci is paid well under $1 million for his work.

Dellucci, who should never have been exposed to the expansion draft in 1997, is wasted in Philadelphia. The Orioles should do whatever it takes to bring him back to Camden Yards for the rest of his career, which promises to be both productive and exciting.

Robert B. Heaton


'Neigh,' says reader to Schmuck

Peter Schmuck's recent column ["This sportswriter can relate to Barbaro's snacking habits," June 30] is a terrible waste of Mr, Schmuck's expertise and writing skills. Mr. Schmuck's mane expertise is not horses but baseball. If he wants to write about horses then it shouldn't be furlong, he should get back to baseball immediately. It's beyond me why we readers should be saddled with columns about horses from a baseball expert who is nosing into unknown territory.

Joseph Michael Cierniak

Glen Burnie

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