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Limbaugh is cleared in Viagra case


FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- Rush Limbaugh didn't go with any more Viagra jokes on his radio show yesterday, after Palm Beach County prosecutors cleared him for possessing the erectile-dysfunction pills in his psychologist's name.

Prosecutors determined that Limbaugh, 55, of Palm Beach, had been prescribed the pills, but they referred the case to Miami-Dade prosecutors for review because the prescription was issued there, not in Palm Beach County.

Customs agents detained Limbaugh for more than three hours June 26 at Palm Beach International Airport when he returned from the Dominican Republic and was found to have a Viagra prescription in someone else's name in his luggage. The conservative radio host joked about it on his show the next day.

Limbaugh flew in on a private plane, and a customs agent saw Limbaugh "bypassing the inspection area," according to a Palm Beach County sheriff's report released yesterday.

The agent found the Viagra bottle, and the pills were prescribed to Steven Strumwasser, a North Miami psychologist who has been treating Limbaugh for his past painkiller addiction.

Limbaugh admitted to an addiction to painkillers in October 2003 and entered a treatment program. He was under investigation for doctor shopping - secretly obtaining overlapping prescriptions - for more than two years, until he reached an agreement with prosecutors in May and was placed in an 18-month diversion program for first offenders. Illegally possessing a prescription could have violated the terms of his state supervision.

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