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I was flying out of Chicago yesterday morning and caught something interesting in the Chicago Tribune. We remember all of the talk about the Cubs wanting to trade Mark Prior for Miguel Tejada during the offseason. The Tribune's Fred Mitchell reported yesterday that the deal was a bit more complicated than that, and the Orioles weren't as interested in Prior as you might think. Here's an excerpt:

What has not been widely reported is that the Orioles originally wanted Corey Patterson, Ronny Cedeno and Prior from the Cubs. Then, according to a reliable Texas source, the Orioles would have shipped Prior to the Rangers for first baseman Mark Teixeira.

Apparently, the Cubs also wanted Erik Bedard in the deal. (If you're curious, Teixeira has played in 84 games for the Rangers - .271 average, eight HRs, 45 RBIs.)

A trade like that would've filled the Orioles' first-base hole but it would've been a crime to have dealt Tejada and not secured a quality starter. Of course, Prior wasn't the answer, either. (The column purports that the Orioles might have had a feeling Prior was injury-prone - whodathunkit?! - but the Cubs continue to say they had no idea.)

Also, here in Chicago, rumors are still swirling about the White Sox trying to get Tejada in a deal. Apparently, the rest of Major League Baseball wasn't as convinced last week when Orioles management said Tejada wasn't going anywhere. rick.maese@baltsun.com

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