North Korea tests missiles

North Korea tested a number of missiles yesterday, including one that may be capable of reaching the United States. A U.S. official called the actions "a provocation" but not an immediate threat. pg 1a

Palestinian rocket hits Israel

Palestinian militants successfully launched a rocket into an Israeli city yesterday, and Israeli aircraft responded by striking the Palestinian Interior Ministry for the second time in a week. Meanwhile, there was no word on the fate of kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit. pg 8a


To Puerto Rico for officers

As Baltimore's Latino community grows and crime there has increased, the city's criminal justice system has been trying to cope. One way is an experiment that started last month to recruit Spanish-speaking officers directly from Puerto Rico. pg 1a

Women 30 years at the academy

It has been 30 years since the first women were admitted to the Naval Academy amid insults and other trials of being the first. Today, those kinds of troubles faced by the pioneers of 1976 are all but gone, one of them says. pg1a

Testing for Asian influenza

Biologists from the Department of Natural Resources are testing flocks of wild geese in Maryland for avian influenza as part of a U.S. Department of Agriculture program. Maryland is a "Tier One" state because the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries are on the migratory route for Atlantic geese. pg 1b


Reality shows go for the offbeat

New reality shows on Fox and NBC feature the offbeat, but score big with millions of viewers. pg 1c

City's message-board graffiti

The graffiti inside Baltimore's Washington Monument is not your spray-painting, tagging variety; it's more message board than outlaw art. pg 1c


Successful launch of shuttle

The third time was the charm as twice-delayed Discovery blasted into orbit, the first space shuttle launch in a year and the first Fourth of July launch in the shuttle program. pg 3a

Study raises Tylenol concerns

A small study has raised concerns about the effects of large doses of Tylenol on the liver. Nearly 40 percent of those taking maximum doses for two weeks had abnormal test results that would signal liver damage. pg 3a


White Sox batter O's R. Lopez

Orioles starter Rodrigo Lopez (5-10) gave up nine runs and 10 hits in just 2 2/3 innings as the Orioles lost to the Chicago White Sox, 13-0, yesterday. pg 1d

Italy eliminates host Germany

Fabio Grosso scored in the 119th minute, then Alessandro Del Piero clinched a 2-0 win as Italy defeated Germany in the World Cup semifinals. pg 1d


Another tab for shareholders

Big changes may be ahead in the insurance policies used to shield company executives from losses for decisions they make while on the job. Higher rates and more restrictions in coverage loom, with shareholders to be stuck with the tab. pg 7d

Self-serve idea not for fast food

The technology exists, but the U.S. fast-food industry has been reluctant to accept the self-serve kiosks becoming so popular in much of the world. pg 7d


"This country is not quite ready for self-serve. This is a people business. People go to a restaurant to be served."

Devin Green, CEO, ESP Systems, on major U.S. restaurant chains not going the way of other countries Article, PG 7d

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