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Roch around the clock


I hope all of you had the chance to see the highlight of Gary Matthews' amazing catch in center field for the Texas Rangers on Saturday night in their 7-0 loss to the Houston Astros.

It almost defies description.

In case you missed it, Matthews sprinted to the fence in pursuit of David Lamb's fly ball, realized he was turned the wrong way, made the adjustment as he soared in the air, reached over his head and somehow took away a three-run homer with his back to the field.

I didn't do it justice. You had to see it.

Lamb watched the replay and applauded. That seemed the appropriate response.

I saw the replay about a dozen times on ESPN last night, and I still wanted to watch it over and over again. If it wasn't the greatest catch I'd ever seen, it would rank very near the top.

Anyone have a better nomination?

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