Baghdad bomb kills 62


A suicide car bombing in the Shiite Muslim neighborhood of Sadr City, in Baghdad, killed 62 people and wounded 114 others in the deadliest single attack since the Iraqi government was formed six weeks ago. Other violence raised yesterday's death toll above 100 people. pg 18a

Mexicans choose next president


When Mexican voters go to the polls today to pick their new president, they will be asked to choose between two radically different visions of the country Mexico has become after a decade of free-market economics. pg 20a


Politicians on parade

The Fourth of July holiday in an election year means it's time for politicians to hit the streets. The region's parades - timed so that politicians can attend all of them - are seen as a chance to greet the voters when they're relaxed and happy. pg 1b

Gaithersburg soldier killed

Pfc. Justin R. Davis, 19, of Gaithersburg has been killed in eastern Afghanistan, the Defense Department announced yesterday. The military is investigating his death as a possible "friendly fire incident," officials said. pg 3b


NASA delays shuttle launch


With thunderheads pressing in on the launch site in Florida, NASA managers canceled yesterday's liftoff of the space shuttle Discovery. The launch has been rescheduled for 3:26 p.m. today. pg 3a

N.J. government shut down

New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine signed an executive order yesterday shutting down the state's government for the first time in its history. Horse racing at the state's tracks was called off, road construction projects were halted and about 45,000 of 80,000 state employees were put on furlough. pg 3a


France eliminates Brazil, 1-0

Brazil was eliminated from the World Cup after France defeated the defending champions, 1-0, in the quarterfinals. In another quarterfinal, Portugal beat England in a shootout. pg 1d



Geekdom's puzzle prince

As editor of The New York Times crossword, Will Shortz is the gregarious ambassador of puzzledom, the man who almost single-handedly elevated puzzles to the entertainment mainstream. He's the subject of Wordplay, a new documentary. pg 1e


Roughing it in comfort

The Highland Center, in New Hampshire's White Mountains, is an experiment in adding the comforts of home to nature. It's a good choice for those who'd prefer not to sleep on the ground. pg 1r


Quote Of the day

"The threat is much larger than we ever thought it was. The Chinese have been able to develop their military and their systems on the backbone of United States technology."

David Szady, former CIA counterintelligence official Article, PG 1A