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Perlozzo is certain to be next O's fall guy

My personal hunch tells me that the "Sam Perlozzo Watch" will unofficially go into effect after the All-Star break this July.

What is the Perlozzo Watch? That's when Peter Angelos sits up and takes notice that his organization's rebuilding attempt is an abject failure, the team is 12 games below .500, the green sea of seats outnumbers the occupied ones, and Hurricane Tejada is fixing to blow once again.

To deflect the blame from himself, Captain Pete (who moonlights as a major league baseball owner) will fire Perlozzo. That will keep the fans and media at bay until Pete can find a viable replacement, aka another sacrificial lamb in the long parade of deck hands who have been invited onto the listing ship, only to be rudely cast off before their journey was over. There was First Mate Davey Johnson, then First Mate Mike Hargrove, and don't forget First Mate Lee Mazzilli.

This is truly despicable, because Perlozzo is the perfect fit to right this ship. If only Captain Pete had any patience, this Perlozzo guy could be around for a long time and eventually lead this team of castaways to new promised lands in the baseball kingdom.

He has genuine aspirations for his team, and all signs indicate he is respected by his players and peers.

Sadly, it isn't going to happen, because when the ship begins to list for the ninth season in a row, Captain Pete will fend off the angry deck hands and deflect attention by yelling "man overboard!"

Patrick R. Lynch


Marks' standards are compromised

While it is good to have a female voice and perspective on sports ["Not All Talk," Monday] I was dismayed that Anita Marks had to compromise her journalistic standards in order to exploit her sexuality to attract male listeners.

Just as too many women athletes are superficially valued for their physical attributes rather than their athletic abilities, Ms. Marks cannot be taken seriously for her skill as a radio host if she allows herself to be reduced to just being "young, sexy, and attractive."

Apparently, "overweight, unattractive women" need not apply, no matter how talented they are.

Carol Saucier


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