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Roch around the clock


Evander Holyfield, 43, is making another comeback, though I'm not sure if he ever left in the first place. He just sort of disappeared from boxing, much like the past three times he has stepped into the ring.

Holyfield hasn't fought in two years or won in four, but he's scheduled to fight Jeremy "The Beast" Bates, 32, on Aug. 18 in Dallas. He has lost his past three bouts and is 2-5-2 since 1999.

Somebody needs to save Holyfield from himself. The guy can take a punch - a lot of them, as it turns out - but not a hint.

New York officials revoked Holyfield's boxing license, but he received one in Texas earlier this month. Everything's bigger in that state, including the interest in seeing a once-great champion risk brain damage.

On April 1, Ray Austin needed less than two rounds to dispose of Bates, who fell to 21-11-1 with 18 knockouts.

This one should be a classic.

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