Candidate goes beyond kissing babies


If nothing else,we know Kristen Cox - Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s pick for lieutenant governor - can delegate. She jiggled her 1-year-old son, Riley, on her hip while Ehrlich introduced her yesterday, and deftly handed the baby off to hubby E. Randy Cox when it was her turn. Riley started to fuss, and Kristen Cox told the crowd, "I have a feeling he'll be leaving soon. So if you want pictures, take them now."

That was the cue for big brother Tanner, 10, already shouldering the diaper bag, to swing into action, deftly filling a bottle with apple juice and handing it to the baby. The question for voters: Can Cox inspire similar snap-to from state bureaucrats?

On the Web, on the road

And now, a special Ehrlich-Cox edition of Connect the dots ... Told ya they'd yank it up these days and you'll no longer find his essay on break-dancing, updates on the family kitchen rehab or links to self-help books. Nothing but: "Website under construction." That is, unless you're hip to the Google cache, which, one of my tech-savvy spies tells me, is forever. One person who certainly knows that: IT professional E. Randy Cox. ... Mr. Cox did not breakdance at yesterday's announcement. How about on the campaign trail? Ehrlich campaign spokeswoman Shareese DeLeaver didn't discount the possibility of campaign breakin'. "Lieutenant governor nominee Cox did mention it is an administration of inclusion," she said. "We can't rule anything out." ... Ehrlich proclaimed this about his running mate: "She's young, but she's been around." Cox piped up to defend herself: "In a good way." ... Kendel Ehrlich, dressed in the color of a Martin O'Malley campaign sign for her husband's announcement in Arbutus, switched to a sparkly silver blazer for yesterday's event. It's O'-Malley Green vs. Ehrlich Glitz. ... Radiohost and former state Sen. Larry Young, who had encouraged Ehrlich to pick another black running mate,turned his attention to the 2008 presidential contest on WOLB yesterday. "I think [U.S. Sen.Barack] Obama is the perfect candidate," he said.

Oh no,much better than Six Flags

Scene from a less famous, less round, Arbutus table, the one in Keith and Kathy Hartig's kitchen. "What's on your mind?" Martin O'Malley asked again and again Wednesday, doing one of his "kitchen table conversations" just around the corner from the boyhood home where Ehrlich was having a big to-do.

Not that the mayor needed to ask the Hartigs' two teenage daughters, who wore flip-flops and the expressions of kids condemned to summer school. Clearly, they were thinking Six Flags,the amusement park the family was going to visit before a friend of a friend hooked the Hartigs up with the campaign.

Afterwards,Rachel, 13,and Laura, 15, said they really didn't mind. That morning, the family had squeezed in a shorter outing, to the National Aquarium. Further proof of O'Malley's boosting Baltimore's fortunes.

Connect the dots

It didn't take long for Jody Couser, Doug Duncan's campaign spokeswoman, to find a new gig. She'll fill the same role for Stuart Simms, now that the LG wannabe has decided to run for attorney general. ... How about working two races at once? Laslo Boyd is director of Andy Barth's congressional campaign and senior consultant to Comptroller William Donald Schaefer's campaign. If the name rings a bell, Boyd was Schaefer's senior adviser on education issues when WDS was governor.

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