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Boy, 17, flees jail, caught by police

A 17-year-old boy escaped from a state juvenile jail in Hagerstown, stole a Honda Civic and drove 70 miles before crashing into a pickup truck and house in Cumberland, where police arrested him after a foot chase, authorities said.

State police said they used a Taser electric stunning device to capture the unidentified youth Wednesday afternoon. They said he wasn't seriously hurt and would be returned to the care of the state Department of Juvenile Services.

He was charged with second-degree assault, resisting arrest, theft of a vehicle and other offenses, police said. He had been sent to the Hagerstown facility for stealing vehicles, police said.



State's attorney settles lawsuit for fired worker

Frederick County has agreed to pay $55,000 to settle a lawsuit claiming State's Attorney Scott L. Rolle wrongly fired a worker for allegedly abusing sick leave.

The county agreed to give $40,000 in back pay and benefits to plaintiff Amy Hill-Boyer and to pay her $15,000 in legal fees, but it won't reinstate her, the Frederick News-Post reported yesterday.

The county denies any wrongdoing in the settlement reached this month after a mediation session in U.S. District Court in Baltimore.

Hill-Boyer was fired in September after 10 years with the state's attorney's office. Rolle is a Republican candidate for state attorney general.



Water seeping from mine still polluting Georges Creek

Acidic water seeping from an abandoned coal mine continues to pollute the lower four miles of Georges Creek nine months after it killed all aquatic life in the Allegany County stream, the Maryland Bureau of Mines says.

The agency has hired a Pennsylvania-based consultant, John Dietz, to advise the state on possible solutions to the toxic drainage that began last August.

Efforts to neutralize the acid at the source aren't working, and boaters on the Potomac River's North Branch have complained of orange discoloration near the creek's mouth at Westernport, bureau spokesman Joe Mills said.

"We see some differences in the quality of the water when stream volumes are up or down, but it is still the worst water in the state," Mills said.

He said that if the pollution causes fish kills in the North Branch, the state will ask the Army Corps of Engineers to release more water from Jennings Randolph Reservoir upstream to dilute the pollution.



Guard who sold cigarettes in jail sentenced to probation

A jail guard who smuggled cigarettes into the county jail and sold them to inmates for $25 a pack was sentenced to probation Wednesday.

Scott Daniel Lewis, 31, pleaded guilty to contraband delivery and misconduct in office March 31. His plea bargain called for no jail time. "He's basically a good kid who did a bad thing. He made a bad decision," Assistant State's Attorney Lisa Hatfield said.

Lewis was fired after an undercover investigation revealed the cigarette smuggling.


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