Parents' guide


Superman Returns

Rating -- PG-13.

What it's about -- The Man of Steel from Superman: The Movie returns from a five-year sabbatical, to a world that may not need him any longer.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Slam-bang comic-book action, and emerging stars Brandon Routh as Superman and Kate Bosworth as Lois Lane.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- You don't leave without saying good-bye, and you do your duty, even if the fickle public doesn't appreciate it.

Violence -- Quite a bit, with gore, a graphic airplane plummet and menace to a child and mom.

Language -- Disney clean.

Sex -- Suggested, hinted at, flirted with.

Drugs -- None.

Parents advisory -- Not your generation's Superman, this is a bit more touchy feely, a bit less silly fun than the Christopher Reeve model.

The Devil Wears Prada

Rating -- PG-13.

What it's about -- College grad takes job at fashion mag, and is transformed by the work.

The Kid Attractor Factor -- Anne Hathaway of The Princess Diaries is all grown up.

Good lessons/bad lessons -- You may have to play the boss' game, but you don't have to become the boss or lose your soul in the process.

Violence -- None.

Language -- Profanity, here and there.

Sex -- Suggested, toyed with.

Drugs -- Alcohol is consumed at all the best parties, dahlink.

Parents advisory -- Perfectly appropriate fare for middle-school to high-school age, with some funny but important lessons about what the working world is really like.

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